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Designed for the Connoisseur who wants the most complex and accurate recreation of their favourite Cultivars.

Our New Advanced range takes purity and complexity to a whole new level, utilising world class laboratories and analytical processes to produce blends that have never been closer to the original flower.


Our New 'Advanced Kush Blend' is unlike anything we have previously come across.

It resides at the 'danker', 'Gassier' end of the specturm and is particularly appreciated by those who can find typical Terpene Blends a little too sweet/ artificial.


The strain itself is famous for being one of the best strains at combatting anxiety and is well known for it's relaxing effects.


All of our Terpenes now also come with a free mixing kit, which includes a heatproof mixing vial, dabber & pipette.


(None of the products on this site contain CBD, THC or Nicotine.)

New Advanced Blends Bubba Kush Terpenes - 1ml

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