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Designed for the connoisseur who wants the most complex and accurate recreation of their favourite cultivars.


Our new 'Advanced Blends' range takes purity and complexity to a whole new level, utilising world class laboratories and analytical methods to produce blends that have never been closer to the original flower.


Our new 'Advanced Blend - Harlequin' is the second addition to our Advanced Blends line.


Harlequin is famous for its naturally high CBD content and impressive anti-inflammatory properties.


Flavour-wise it is fruitier than the Advanced Bubba Kush but is not overly sweet and should suit most flavour palates.


All of our Terpenes now also come with a free mixing kit; which includes a heatproof mixing vial, dabber & pipette.


(None of the products on this site contain CBD, THC or Nicotine.)

Advanced Blends Terpene - Harlequin 1ml

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